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Although times have changed the one thing that should remain constant is our unwavering commitment to excellence. Craftsmanship is a true mark of excellence because at its heart it is about caring and aspiring to greatness, one need only to look at the details. Craftsmanship is a life-long discipline that centers around a love for what you do, passion for quality and betterment from the first cut, last stitch and hand finish. At Portsmith Co. we craft with purpose and passion, hand and heart! Our mission is simple: to rekindle the spirit of craftsmanship by designing handsomely crafted goods that make your life better. Humbly working with our hands alongside amazing artisans and tradesmen we are able to combine raw materials, time, and care and transform it into something greater. We offer an evolving selection of thoughtfully curated provisions beautifully crafted for travel, work and living that fuses traditional craftsmanship with the modern. We are excited to share our love of all things crafted with you!


Portsmith Co. is family owned and operated in Phoenix, AZ with our products being proudly designed and handcrafted in the USA. We strongly believe that crafting something great is a labor of love birth from well worked hands and that doing it right requires patience, finesse, crafting and sometimes re-crafting. Since every object bears the fingerprint of the one who fashioned it, we only work with the best and those who share our similar passion for quality and workmanship. Our products are wonderfully crafted with the help of well-regarded, skilled and talented woodworkers, metal smiths, seamstresses all dedicated to honing their craft and creating heirlooms that last to be passed down for generations. Like us they enjoy working, shaping the experience, and storytelling with their hands so that their craft and the art of craftsmanship is never lost. There is something rewarding and awe-inspiring about crafting something with your hands, the feeling is unsurpassed as you labor with a lot of soul, love, sweat and tears. The feeling of accomplishment that overwhelms you as you admire the tangible fruits of your labor. In working with dedicated craftsman we ensure that we have an ever-growing array of high quality products, painstakingly crafted just for you. Because being an artisan is more then just crafting with your hands. It is also about making a human connection and telling a story like that of a hand forged ax or beautifully woven tapestry.


Portsmith Co. strives to create people inspired life essentials that are functional, durable, obtainable, and aesthetically pleasing to the eye. Goods that will be used, enjoyed and well loved by those around us for a lifetime. Our hope is that our products will make life easier, foster community, spur on adventure, kindle an appreciation for handcrafted and help you to forge life long friendships. With a high standard for excellence we are always mindful of this. Do the products we create impact your life in a tangible, lasting, and positive way? Because products should leave a positive lasting impression, making people’s lives- and the world- better and meaningful. Products should not only be useful, but beautiful, with many of our goods being inspired by the everyday and mundane.


We are dedicated to bringing these skillfully crafted products to market for the enjoyment of all. We pride ourselves in knowing that our fingerprints are on every product we craft! This intimate, hands on involvement in the production process from start to finish keeps us rooted and focused on what is important. Our untiring commitment to people and making products that are well made and well loved. Actions speak louder then words, we want to create an amazing product experience just for you and deliver on that promise. We examine and inspect by hand every product to make sure they are worthy of our anvil seal and your approval. Because we take pride in what we do! We want you to feel that same sense of pride when you hold our product in the palm of your hand or see our distinct anvil brand mark.


For the love of all things well crafted, we truly respect and care about everyone we work with, the materials used and every design detail that goes into creating our goods. Rest assure that our products are not only handsomely crafted but honestly crafted, sourcing only the highest quality materials. We want to constantly improve the way we do business to the delight of our customers. Pouring our heart and soul into what we create because we consider you family and want to make you proud. As honorary members of our extended family we know you are the heart and soul of what makes us great. As forward thinkers (with an appreciation for the past) we are always looking for ways to improve our products and make our processes better for all involved. As perfectionist, we never settle for mediocrity and set the benchmark very high for ourselves. We strongly believe that there is always room for improvement, and always room to grow.


With a strong team and your support we are able to do what we love and with so many more creative ideas in the wood works we are just getting started! We invite you to connect with us on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram to help us tell our story and perhaps even recommend a product that would make your life simpler. We are in the business of lifetime building and with your help we know we can craft something great! Join us in helping to revive the spirit of craftsmanship. Thanks for being a part of our story, believing in the Portsmith Co. family and for supporting our beloved craftsmen.

“Without craftsmanship, inspiration is a mere reed shaken in the wind” – Johannes Brahms (1833-1897)



Portsmith Co. was born in a city steep in a rich history of lumber, craftsmen, hard workers, innovators, businessmen and ideasmiths. The Portsmith Co. name pays homage to that rich history. “Port” from Williamsport and ‘Smith’ for craftsman who create quality objects. In it’s earliest history set strategically on the Susquehanna River “The Port” as Williamsport, PA was originally called, was an important east coast trade & transit route. Some of the finest crafted goods and essentials passed though “The Port.” Portsmith Co. strives to carry on the tradition of passing along fine-crafted essential goods. We feel our name fully embodies the essence of handsomely crafted goods sourced and made in North America.” Crafted from the finest and most basic of materials; wood, aluminum, stainless steel, wool, felt and leather. We also believe that our distinct anvil brand mark encompasses in the strongest sense hard work and strength of ‘Smiths’ of old. Huge thanks to these craftsmen for inspiring us to forge ahead toward greatness. We truly appreciate the gift of skills shared and for passing down an appreciation for traditional craftsmanship. To these skilled artisans we tip our hats and celebrate you and your legacy!

“But, when the work was finished, the Craftsman kept wishing that there were someone to ponder the plan of so great a work, to love its beauty, and to wonder at its vastness.”
– Giovanni Pico della Mirandola (1463-1494)

Our Anvil Strong Brand Mark


We love hearing the clanging of a makers hammer on an anvil as the iron glows red, sparks fly with every smite and forge flames burn bright. Anticipation of the finished work only builds as you marvel at the sight of something being fashioned by hand with simple tools of the trade. Blacksmithing was traditionally held in high esteem as the king of trades because all trades depended upon the blacksmith. Serving as a forging tool mainstay in blacksmith shops for centuries, an anvil was an immovable iron block surface that malleable metals were hammered against, a catalyst for creativity. As these expert craftsmen will attest, hammers will wear down and many artisans will succumb to exhaustion from such hard work, but the anvil never fails, it remains resolute. Blacksmith need only to purchase one anvil in his lifetime and it will last for ages. The anvil has since become an enduring symbol of virtue, bravery and strength; all attributes we admire.


For centuries, town blacksmiths were well respected and essential to the maintenance of everyday life because they handcrafted many of the basic necessities. Working with the alchemy of iron and fire, skilled blacksmiths had a strong work ethic that couldn’t be denied. Serving as a true testament of hard work, zeal, fortitude, unwavering steadfastness and mastery they worked their passionate, sooty, rough hands to the bone. Their face and hands darkened with soot and arms dappled with burns after a hard’s day work serve only to speak of their love for the craft and mastery. No strangers to blood, sweat, tears and grueling labor blacksmiths were content toiling with hammer in hand; not afraid to rework, remold, and restart. They took their trade and livelihood very serious; never being complacent but always working to perfect their craft so they could better serve others. They understood the true meaning of perseverance, that it could take many swings of the hammer and pounds on the anvil to shape the iron into an incredible, usable, beautiful and functioning object.


The vigor of the anvil and the fervent, passionate heart and spirit of a blacksmith are honorable and noble traits we desire to emulate and strive towards with every product we craft. We want to remain true to our narrative and make sure that everything we craft for you deserves our Portsmith Co. anvil seal of approval. At the heart of our business is nothing but gratitude and respect for gifted artisans, we want to honor the legacy of those before us who’s faith and hard work is unsurpassed. Their dedication and tireless efforts sparked progress and in time helped us forge ahead toward modernity, without their contributions we would not be where we are today. We want our anvil to be a symbol of renewed appreciation for workmanship and hardworking craftsmen, paying homage to the past while celebrating the future. All the more reasons the anvil resonates with us and why we are proud and humbled to call it our mark! The resounding ringing of a hammer against an anvil is a beautiful remnant of a less hurried time when streets rang with smithies, where craftsmanship reigned supreme and things were built to last. We want to do our part to help spark a revival and resurgence in the true meaning of craftsmanship so it is not merely a distant fleeting memory. Our anvil brand mark serves as a constant reminder to respect the anvil and respect the craft. Stand anvil strong with us!